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Concrete Anchor Bolt Holders… Raising the Bar for Performance

SAVE TIME & MONEY on every job!

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bolt-rite-products-guy-northwest-plasticsOther available bolt holders leave threads exposed, crooked and covered with concrete. Cleaning and straightening anchor bolts can take 6-8 hours on an average foundation. But now… There’s a real solution… Bolt-Rite Tools!

Created by a long-time contractor who’s tried all those other bolt holders, the patented Bolt-Rite Tools are designed to solve all those “on-the-job” frustrations, while making the setup and cleanup processes faster and easier – consistently saving users TIME and MONEY!

They’re inexpensive, easy to install, easy to remove, and they’re very REUSABLE!

Installation is easy – Just insert the bolt through the patented thread-protecting “collar”, and screw on the cap (or use the nuts provided with the anchor bolts). Attach to the forms using the built-in Positioning Guide, with either screws or duplex nails. Bolt-Rite tools automatically set the bolt at the perfect height for a 2x sill plate. Use the patented Rite-Height™ Sleeves to position bolts at the perfect height for a 3x plate or for depth-marked STB bolts.

Bolt-Rite’s unique flat-bottomed design prevents concrete build up UNDER the holder and allows faster, easier troweling.

Easy cleanup? Just remove the cap and fasteners, and the Bolt-Rite leaves a clean, straight bolt…ready for plate installation… NO thread cleanup or straightening– NO DRILLING AND EPOXYING! And the Bolt-Rite tools clean up easily and are reusable – saving time and money!

Available in 1/2”, 5/8”, and 7/8” sizes, with others sizes soon to be available.

For stem wall foundations choose the Form Spreader w/ Bolt Holder (with the same collar and cap and guides as the Bolt Holder) combining two steps – saving even more time and labor.

Smart. Innovative. Inexpensive. Reusable. INDESPENDABLE!

Bolt-Rites! They’re designed to solve those frustration problems you encounter on every foundation! Contact NORTHWEST PLASTICS to put these great tools to work for you today, or SHOP ON-LINE on our website. We know you’ll agree that they’re the best bolt holders available – period!

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Bolt-Rite Products®

Bolt-Rite Products® were invented by a WORKING CONTRACTOR – to solve the day-to-day frustrations encountered by both concrete crews and framers on jobsites.

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