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Northwest Plastics has been involved in the manufacturing business since 1984. In 1998 we developed and patented a complete line of anchor bolt holders known throughout the industry as the Bolt-Rite Products. As the popularity of the Bolt-Rite Products grew we added multiple color coded sizes to meet the needs of the industry.

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Bolt-Rite | Anchor Bolt Positioning Thread Protectors

Bolt-Rite Tools are concrete Form Board and Anchor Bolt positioner and holders, designed to accurately position, secure, and protect anchor bolts, “J bolts” for faster, cleaner and better concrete installation. These tools are made of rugged composite plastic, they’re inexpensive, easy to install, easy to remove, and they are very reusable. Other bolt holders leave threads exposed, crooked and covered with concrete. Bolt Rite tools keep your bolts clean, straight and at the right height every time.

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The Original Handle Saver

The Handle Saver™ is the inexpensive way to eliminate over strike” damage to the handles of sledge hammers, axes, mauls, etc. while reducing regular wear and tear!

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The Unreel Pivoting Hose Hanger System

The UnReel™ is the ultimate solution for attractive and efficient hose (or bulk cord) storage and use. Eliminate tangling and kinking completely – it even pivots!

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